5 Reasons why Google Chrome is Better than Firefox for Web Design

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Back in 2008, this didn’t matter a lot. People were straight when the browsers came. And the web browsers didn’t quite mean a big thing or much. Now they are something where people can live without. It can be rephrased as ‘ It’s an integral part of our lives’. There are many things we can compare between chrome and firefox.

Few things you need to know about chrome:

Back in 2008, the google chrome was released and was well known for design, was suitable for every minimalist users out there. And later on, it distinguished itself by leading itself with impressive features like HTML 5 support along with some impressice proprietary tricks. It was fast and reliable. But later on, in summer 2014 with loads of updates when compared to the old chrome and lost its title ‘ The fastest browser’. As time flied, the competition caught up and wonder what? It’s the most downloaded browser in the world with 1 Billion + downloads.

Few things you need to know about firefox:

Talk about coding, you can hear firefox. Talk about hacking, you hear firefox. Talk about security, you hear firefox. Literally talking, firefox is better on paper in various perspectives. But when it comes to the various perspectives considered, chrome wins. But other than that, firefox has its own features that only few will understand.
Firefox is an open source browser whereas chrome isn’t and as flexible as firefox.1.

1.) Platform support 

Both the chrome and firefox supports various range of operating systems and platforms and here’s the list supported by chrome and firefox:


  • Apple Mac OS X
  • Google Android (ARM, x86)
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows


  • Apple Mac OS X
  • BSD Unix systems
  • Google Android
  • iOS
  • Haiku
  • Linux-based systems
  • Microsoft Windows

2.) Performance

Talking about the performance, Firefox is better and faster when compared to chrome in several categories. But as you can guess, chrome has claimed the vast area i.e Java script. The chrome has claimed to be the fastest javascript performance out of the publicly released web browsers that’s there in the internet.

3.) Memory 

On paper, chrome uses more memory than firefox. And firefox relatively starts using as more tabs are opened. And as the firefox uses separate process per tab it’s memory usage increases as more and more tabs are opened which is something you can see in internet explorer kind of stuff which should not be compared here.

4.) Start up

Talking about the start up, chrome claims to have a faster startup time than firefox but literally saying, firefox has faster startup. This is due to the fact that firefox has more built in features than chrome. Chrome and firefox both tend to get slower with more usage and with more extensions installed in it. Which makes the browser slow when more extensions are installed.

5.) Security 

When security comes, its firefox definitely without any other words. Because google tracks each and every move. When logged in to your account, no need to say at all. Everything will be tracked unless you turn it off. Even when you turn it off, there will be many things that will be tracked even without your knowledge.

Firefox can emulate the behavior of some of these features including URL presentation to make phishing more obvious and firefox executes plugins such as flash or java in a separate process so a crash will not take down the browser and an exploit has less to work with.

Whereas in chrome, it lacks the ability to encrypt saved passwords with a master password so that they are always stored unencrypted on disks. On linux chrome uses the system password itself to keyring which more safer than any other password encryption. Moreorver, Chrome donot have errors such as dns_probe_finished_no_internet like its counterparts.


This decision depends upon the way you use the browsers. Chrome is more polished , Firefox is more customizable. Google has put a lot of work in to ensure to provide the best possible experience you can find. It has made it look neat and feel more reliable and polished than just an average browser. Due to this, you get a great experience out of the box.

But this doesn’t mean that firefox is bad. If you want the content to be more secured, firefox it is.

This argument can be continued on and on. But on my opinion, Chrome wins.


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Ways to help you rank highly on Google

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Keeping up with changes Google makes is not a piece of cake. However, there is a need to keep up if only to rank highly on search results. The latest trends to keeping up with search engine rankings include:
User experience should be priority
Much as keywords still pay a big part in search engine algorithms, user experience is considered high in priority according to Larry, an expert from HQ SEO- a UK based SEO agency. This means providing users with quality content that is relevant to the keywords they use to search for the information.

Not only does the content have to be unique but it should be of quality and relevant to the user. This means that the content should be visually pleasing (quality images, font and background) and it should be useful and helpful to the reader.
Pay attention to the content
Not only should the content you place on your website be unique, relevant and useful, users have to be able to share it. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln have made it such that interesting content is shared, shared and shared some more by users. If your content is not that shareable then chances are high that you will not rank that high in search engines.

Whenever your content gets shared on the different social media platforms, forums or blogs, you get to receive traffic which in turn helps up your ranking position on search engines.
Go mobile or go home
With so many users turning to their mobile devices to access information from the internet, it is no surprise that a website that is not also mobile friendly will not rank that well in search engines.
Perform keyword research
There is a whole world of keywords to choose from. Before settling for any to add to your website, you need to do a proper keyword research. Find the most appropriate keywords to use on your site and make use of them appropriately.
Avoid keyword stuffing
When you find keywords to use, gone are the days when you would get away with keyword stuffing. You need to make use of the keywords in an orderly natural manner that doesn’t take away from the users’ experience.
Keep users engaged
Part of providing users with a great experience whenever they visit your site is to keep them engaged. This will be measured in terms of social shares and referrals, all of which work at increasing organic traffic to your website.
Work upon the site load-time
A slow-loading website is not very attractive to users. Slow load rates translate to huge bounce rates which in turn work towards lowering your rankings on Google. You have to test your site to ensure that it loads fairly fast-3 seconds should be the maximum time of loading in fair scenarios while 3 seconds and under is the best.
Make use of appropriate Image sizes and optimize them
In case you didn’t know, the size of images on your website contributes to its load time. As such, you need to ensure that you use the most appropriate image size for your size to lower the load time. In addition, you need to optimize the images if you wish to improve upon your rankings.

In conclusion, your main focus should be on user experience on your site.



Ways To Boost A Local Business Online

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There are plenty of ideas to keep you going on your online marketing journey, whether you choose the social media path, the advertising path or the content marketing path. The trick is in finding the most appropriate to really work for you or a combination of them.

The Social Media Path

Having a clear understanding of the social media platform you will be using will help with your marketing strategy. This helps you make the best of your marketing skills on the platform. Take an example of Twitter, in case that is your chosen platform, you can strategically use relevant hashtags on things such as your business card or slideshow for a presentation you will be making. If you love working with images, you can try sharing and linking your best images from sites such as Pinterest to your webpage. This helps ensure you tap into traffic from that site. Last but not least, take a look at what your competitors are sharing or posting and take note of what gets the most interest from users then work on a marketing strategy that makes it even better.

Make promotions your best friend

Nothing beats receiving free stuff in the consumer world. You might have some of the best products and services but if you don’t throw out some free stuff once in a while, you will be swallowed up by competitors who are doing so! Post contests and watch the traffic flow. It is exciting when a number of visitors come to your site in hopes of winning the contest. Make it interesting so that they get to share with friends- which mean more visitors and more potential to making that sale.

Remember content is king

A number of visitors to the internet are looking for information. As such, you need to ensure that your site is providing plenty of relevant and useful, quality information to keep them coming back. This will in turn help you rank better on search engines overtime thus exposing you to more potential customers. As you create content for your business, ensure that it is written with the customer in mind. For a local business, you can provide your visitors with information such as ‘Tips to bathroom renovations’ or ‘How to get the best out of your painting project’. Such useful information will make visitors to your site appreciate your business more and will prompt some of them to share their experience with others which might mean more business for you.

Besides content in the form of words, you should include interesting images, videos, and infographics to keep visitors coming back for more.

Give the internet a break and step outside

There may be people out on the streets that rarely get onto the internet. There could be potential customers out there that you are ignoring in your focus on the internet. It is a good idea to hit the streets once in a while. Make use of things such as posters or flyers to bring your message across. This is especially great for local businesses since they tend to be locally based. Don’t forget to include your online info such as your website or social media platform.

Hiring Someone

For business owners, it can be a pain trying to find time to do all the work for their business themselves.  However, by hiring the Toronto SEO company, you’ll remove a lot of the stress from the equation. The right digital marketing company will be able to provide your business with continuous results while you continue to focus and work on your business each and everyday.

Email List Building Utilizing Quizzes and Facebook

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Use of email lists as a method of marketing is a very popular way in the recent days. The secret towards your success and earning more profit may be hidden behind the email lists. It has proved to be effective to many online marketers who have used it. Considering that it is a cheap way of reaching to your customers and potential customers, you should consider it in your marketing plan.

One of the disturbing issues to the marketers is the difficulty in building the email lists because the traffic in their sites is not enough. Second, marketers do not know the ways to use in order to encourage the visitors to submit the email addresses. You can do this by offering some valuable things for free or use pop-ups to encourage visitors to sign up to your newsletters. These tactics are however not effective especially to your new visitors because they still don’t know your site content.

We are going to learn yet another option for email list building called quizzes. They are most common in feeds found in the social media and you probably have met them. They have even been more popular in sites like Mashable and Buzzfeed. These are big sites but we too can sue the technique to effectively build an email list.

Case study

We are going to look at an example which utilizes Facebook Ads which was used by Jason over at Plumber SEO Guru who has used this technique as well as a quiz technique on a few of his Plumber SEO clients. Facebook ads are attracting a lot of likes from many including me as an ad network. Cheap clicks are still available even today and in all the niches like the previous goggle AdWords. This is what makes campaigns for email acquirement an ideal choice. This post will help you understand better concerning email building by learning how I affordably and quickly created a quiz and then used Facebook Ads to promote it.

email-marketingCampaign Results

The duration that the Ad campaign took was 12 days. The results were that those who saw the campaign on Facebook were about 12181 people and those who were converted to customers were 535 people. I did receive 508 email addresses that were unique and therefore the cost on each email address acquirement was more than what Facebook had. The cost was however as low as $0.42 in every conversion. The conversion rate was 4 percent. This means that out of the total people that the campaign targeted, the 4% did click, submitted their emails and did the quiz. The process that I followed is discussed below.

quizStep 1: Quiz Creation

For the Facebook marketers, you have probably met and used the quizzes in order to engage your followers. They are intensively used by sites like Mashable and Buzzfeed for reader engagement and also to increase pageviews. Here, we are going to look at the quizzes as a tool to generate leads.

The quiz’s topic should be interesting concerning what people like more.

You should be creative in order to develop questions that people are often passionate about. Generate ideas that can help you in this keeping in mind that trial is a component of marketing. I have failed myself by running quiz campaigns which never brought the required engagement for lower costs in each acquisition. I never gave up but I corrected by giving it a second chance using another approach and the results were better.

In my quiz, I used beta (sit the test builder) tool. It enables you to obtain the email addresses prior to the audience taking the test.

Step 2: Create a campaign using Facebook Ads

It is very easy to create a Facebook Ads type of campaign once you are done with acquiring your most appropriate test topic. Use of images is also an added asset that can help to attract more visitors. The images should however be related to the quiz and audience’s interest. Myself, I always prefer to use three images and post formats each being different to the other. I also organize my targeted audience to be part of Ad set preferences.

facebook-marketingThe two sets of Ads (AU-F-13-17 and AU-F-18-24) started off the campaign. They targeted the Australian women aged 13-17 and 18-24 respectively, who have interest in dressage, horse riding among other things. I did turn off the 13-17 age group in a day’s time because their online transactions are somehow hindered. I also tried to target Texas audience. They had the highest ownership of horses per capita but per conversion costs were high and hence I turned it off after two days. After running several regular reports on AU-F-18-24 ad, I discovered that per acquisition cost greatly varied with the various cities in Australia. I then chose to focus on the states of eastern seaboard because they were cheaper than the rest.

Step 3: Campaign Optimization

If I wanted to continue with the campaign, I would have eliminated the various capital cities available and observe the effects it would cause on per acquisition cost. After everything, all that we need to know is whether the audience will buy our products and services.

Plan for the email marketing

I will take it that you have used the quiz tool that enables you to export the email leads and that you have also compiled the same with CAN-SPAM act. You need to import the email addresses to your software of email marketing. Such include Mailchimp, Aweber and Campaign monitor. You should then separate the people in the lists according to their performance on the quiz. If they failed for example in HTML skills quiz, we send them offers that suggest for a book or online course concerning the same. For those who passed, we can suggest that they look for a job board developer online.

4 Effective Direct Marketing Strategies

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There has been a lot of changes and modification for the online marketing strategies over the years. The marketing type that is customer driven especially is being looked into with a lot of strength. The big data as well as the www (World Wide Web) are main contributions in this. They help the businessmen to research and get to know their targeted customers better. Buying of customer contacts is yet another activity being done in order to market as businessmen are intending to have more advertising influence.

The digital form of direct marketing has hit the advertising field with a bang. Many have been overwhelmed by it but the better side is that it works to influence the customers drastically. The process of direct marketing is still required for integrated marketing by master marketers. Only the display is changed. Fundamental steps that will enable you to have a successful direct marketing are discussed hereof.

Separate your customers

A marketer especially online will deal with potential customers and the customers themselves. These two bases need to be separated. Each of the group should have the relevant data that concerns them. The data can be obtained from other previous purchases and orders made. by doing this, you can be able to determine the products, behaviors as well as other qualities that are related to this such as where, how and what products might be introduced in the coming days. On gathering this data, you can then use it to promote and test your products and site content.

Plan for the better

Planning comes in the first stages of every process to be undertaken. It is where you outline the specific goals to achieve. At this stage, we create the marketing, company and the product message. Also, the strategies to enable us achieve the goals are also outlined. The message created can then be disseminated to the separated but targeted groups. Modern technology has been of great use to enable creation of plans that have integrated, unique and cross channel techniques of marketing. This can be achieved easily and the progress tracking can also be done.

Whenever we do a marketing campaign, we can always redefine the plan we used previously and come up with a better one. This can help to reduce the budget that was probably wasteful. It is even effective when we define our direct regions to market the products instead of over marketing in unwanted areas where our resources and effort will only go to waste. Tracking numbers will allow creation of better marketing plans that are defined.

Make the introduction of the products or services meaningful

Increasing the membership, sales and consumer engagement is usually the primary goal to achieve for direct type of integrated marketing. Giving special offers is one of the ways that can be used in the attempt to attract customers without first considering the industry they are in.

Digital marketing has availed a lot of collectable data that can be used for direct marketing. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort for this because the emails, websites online, snail mail and advertising space are readily available. For better marketing, be informed and create beneficial offers that will attract even more customers.

Go with time

Marketing tools will allow the business owners to view the most liked things they do or offer as well as those that are ignored. They track the marketing campaigns and note the things that attract more audience and also those that are neglected. This is very helpful data because you will have the opportunity to withdraw the non-beneficial aspects and put more effort on what is beneficial. Where the audience requires more, you are in a position to do so.

This helps your marketing plan to stay on the right track and also evolve to be as pleasing to your targeted audience as possible. Any needs that are cross referencing are simplified. You can also create channels of best combination for direct marketing and hence expand and grow your business in a direct way that is customer driven.

Get into the marketing future

Businesses are different in various ways. We all don’t have the same capabilities. Some have the expertise required to use marketing tools available and they achieve the best they can. However, some do not get to achieve their goals because they don’t have what it takes for success. When the expertise is missing in your business, it is advisable you consider the specialists who will give you services concerning the same. A good example is options mail order.

They will use various channels such as mail order and favored ecommerce and retail sales because they are easy to order and access to give what you require as a business owner. They cater for people in all the industries to help businesses function smoothly both currently and also in the coming days.